Eddie Turner

9:30 pm

Born in Cuba and raised in Chicago, Eddie “Devil Boy” Turner first picked up a guitar at the age of 12. He honed his craft growing up in Chicago, and later Colorado, and his music shows the diverse influences of the Afro-Cuban sounds of his homeland and the deep blues of his adopted country. A diverse blend of rock, voodoo blues and R&B peppered with African rhythms, Turner’s music moves the feet while simultaneously haunting the soul.

American Aquarium

9:30 pm

For nearly a decade, American Aquarium have spent the majority of their days on the road, burning through a sprawl of highways during the day and playing hours of raw, rootsy rock & roll at night. Sometimes, the job is a grind. Most times, it's a blessing. American Aquarium's songs, filled with biographical lyrics about last calls, lost love and long horizons, have always explored both sides of that divide. For every drunken night at the bar, there's a hangover in the morning. For every new relationship, there's the chance of a broken heart. It's that kind of honesty — that sort of balance — that makes the band's newest album, Wolves, their strongest release to date.

Brother Gow

9:30 pm

Borrowing from a massive cache of influences, Brothers Gow, based in San Diego, CA, by way of Flagstaff, AZ, is a funk-rock-improv quintet that relies on thoughtful lyrics, deep grooves and improvisational tact to keep each show sounding fresh and unique. The band’s energetic stage presence combined with powerful vocal harmonies, complex arrangements, ripping guitar solos and the band’s awe-inspiring lighting makes each show memorable. Relentlessly touring and committed to their sound, they have criss-crossed most of the western United States since 2007, playing landmark venues such as Nectar's in Seattle, Orpheum Theater in Flagstaff, Rialto Theater in Tucson, The Top Hat in Missoula, Brick and Mortar in San Francisco and House of Blues in San Diego.

the Clumsy Lovers

9:30 pm

The Clumsy Lovers have brought their mix of fiddle and banjo-fuelled, bluegrassified Celtic rock to North American audiences for over a decade. With more than 2500 performances under their belts, their high-energy shows have worn out dance floors and created a loyal following in 49 states and across their homeland of Canada. !!!Still clumsily rollin' along after all these years!!!

Selasee & The Fafa Family

9:30 pm

Born in Accra, Ghana, Selasee grew up exposed to the colorful and energetic sounds of Highlife Music. With this exposure Selasee created his own style—a unique blend of Reggae, West African Highlife and American Pop music. Threading together English and West African lyrics for a bright and captivating sound.

Talia Keys

9:30 pm

Talia Keys- a multi-instrumental, singer, songwriter, performer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Playing locally, nationally and internationally solo as well as fronting various band projects. When performing solo Talia live loops guitars, bass, synthesizer, drum machine, beat-boxing and vocals for her one woman show, "Gemini Mind". Sporting her brand of funky blues, soul, reggae, rock, that has "the rawness of Janis Joplin and the fire of Jimi Hendrix."

Micky & The Motorcars

2:03 am

Thirteen years can put a hell of a lot of wear and tear on even the hardiest of rock ’n’ roll bands. But don’t be fooled by all those hundreds of thousands of miles on Micky & the Motorcars’ odometer: pop the hood of Hearts From Above, the long-running Austin band’s seventh album, and you’ll find a brand-new engine, fine-tuned and good to run for at least as many more miles still ahead. And behind the wheel? Two brothers and founding members Micky Braun (lead vocals and guitar) and Gary Braun (guitar, mandolin, harmonica, and vocals) invigorated and supercharged by a transfusion of new blood from fresh recruits Dustin Schaefer (lead guitar), Joe Fladger (bass), and Bobby Paugh (drums). Micky and Gary, who by their own admission, haven’t been this fired up about playing together since they first rode south from the Whitecloud Mountains of Idaho to stake their claim to the Texas and wider Americana music scenes.

Vial 8

9:30 pm

Hailing from the middle of a wheat field in the middle of nowhere Moscow Id. Comes the driving sounds of Vial8, described by Exitmile.com as the Palouse’s Heaviest. Vial 8 is a mixture of multiple musical genres varying from influences such as: Black Sabbath, Badlands, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Corrosion of Conformity, Alice n Chains, Judas Priest and anything else that rocks.

The Dodgy Mountain Men

9:30 pm

Dodgy Mountain Men sling a home-brewed Montana stompgrass that goes down smooth but packs a bite, mixing the rhythms of bluegrass, the soul of the blues and the energy of rock 'n' roll with a plethora of other musical traditions to create a unique electro-acoustic experience. The group's genre-bending experimentation and passion for American roots traditions weave together to emphasize their lyrical storytelling, creating a musical frontier rife with empty mason jars, outlaws, gypsy women and cold Montana storms. Add original voices, diverse instrumentation and live performances that build to a fever pitch,and you've got a concoction that will make moonshiners proud and compel dancers to wear out the soles of their shoes.

Ayo Dot & The Uppercuts

9:30 pm

Ayo Dot & The Uppercuts are an electrifying, high energy hiphop soul rock band made featuring Jeff McNamara (Drums), Jordan Haas (Guitar), Ryan Waggoner (Bass), Whitney Killian (Backup and Lead Vocals) and Ayo Dot (Lead Vocals). Delivering soul-wrenching riffs and heavy basslines with catchy choruses. A.D.U.C. draws its audience in with an amorous performance every time they hit the stage with their take on some of your favorite songs and originals clearly puts them in a stratosphere far removed from your everyday hiphop band. You'll be hard pressed not to bob your head to the sounds emanating from this ever dynamic crew.

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