Trio Subtronic

9:30 pm

Trio Subtonic has devel­oped a style of orig­i­nal music that is defined by its com­po­si­tional intrigue, groove heavy impro­vi­sa­tions and its acces­si­bil­ity to lis­ten­ers across the musi­cal land­scape. Choos­ing not to be boxed into any tra­di­tional gen­res, Trio Subtonic con­tin­ues its musi­cal explo­ration with the release of Night Run­ners which delves into an uncom­pro­mis­ing, darker and exper­i­men­tal sound­scape that pushes the bound­aries of their instrumentation.

John Adam Smith

9:30 pm

From the funk of West African jive to the exhilarating tones of the lapsteel guitar, The John Adam Smith Band combines the love of groove with a taste for edge in their roots driven, acoustic funk-rock innovations. This sturdy North American trio is built on the original compositions of multi-instrumentalist John Adam Smith. Throughout the US, Canada, and Australia John has captured audiences with his integrations of Australian Weissenborn, open tuned acoustic guitar arrangements, and his background in traditional African music. The potent combination of these diversely talented musicians brings the heat when this high spirited trio sets forth to energize the room.

Sneaky Pete and The Secret Weapons

9:30 pm

Sneaky Pete and the Secret Weapons are a six piece funk outfit from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They have been playing original high-altitude groove-funk for a wide variety of audiences for just a short time, but have already had face-melting effects on any and all who come across their high-energy live performances. They play original tunes inspired by the funkyness of life in the mountains, as well as a slew of unique covers guaranteed to make you dance uncontrollably. With the heaviest bass slaps in the Rockies and the type of groove that'll get you moving despite your best efforts, be sure and bring your party pants when you get a chance to see Sneaky Pete and the Secret Weapons!

State of Krisis

9:30 pm

The Working Poor

9:30 pm

Daniel Mark Faller and the Working Poor are an Alternative / Americana / Folk Band based in the Quad Cities area of Washington and Idaho.

In Walks Bud

9:30 pm

In Walks Bud, first forming in 2007, met and began jamming in the small music scene of Helena ,MT. With the move to Bozeman in the summer of 2010, they released their 3rd album ‘Supertonic’ and continued playing more shows throughout Montana, Idaho, and Seattle. Having recently released their 4th album, 'Take Time' it is clear these guys have staying power that is proven by their moving, progressive and youthful energy. The sound captures the essence of youth, and can bring you to life through the amazing energy and feeling that that band shares with the audience. The music sustains high’s and low’s from both the lead/rhythm guitar played by Aaron Williams and the funky, grooving low bass played by Casey George. The melodic, fast passed uplifting keyboard tracks, produced by Clay Desimone, keep you feeling young, beautiful and wanting to dance your heart out. The rhapsodic beats of In Walks Bud are played by the soulful drummer Alex Schwab, guaranteed to be harmonious, lifting, and sweet sounding. But Don’t think this drummer only has a soft side, see the band live and you will experience the euphonious, funky and technical raw talent this drummer has. You'll be on your feet before you know it, as well as having each song contain a different story that comes from In Walks Bud’s lives and experiences as a band. Being young only happens once and the six years of hard work these four individuals have done leads you to believe they will be around for a long time.

Device Grips

9:30 pm

Forged from cast iron, sent to earth on meteorite: Device Grips is a creature birthed by Aphrodite and Mars {son of Zeus}, using the four elements to recharge the human psyche: EARTH: Blues > WATER : Psychedelia/Gypsy Wearing their souls on their flesh, igniting ancient energy through sound, Device Grips is the four headed dragon, that will save your whole town.


9:30 pm

Definition of Gleewood is....gleewood is a medieval term for the "happy guitar" they used to ask the ministrels what instrument they played...either a harp or the "Gleewood" was always welcome in the great medieval halls...stories of war, love, peace, the Lord etc...our goal as minstrels of this modern age is bring the happiness to the great halls all over the world.

Sista Otis

9:30 pm

Multifaceted Sista Otis is a Singer/Emcee/Songwriter/Performer Extraordinaire whose sound was born in Detroit and raised in New Orleans. As she tells the story, "In a lil' Jazz club in the French Quarter, lady Blues was feeling the Soul from Motown. So she Hip-Hopped up on Motown's lap to Rock 'N Roll and got the Funk on. Meanwhile, Folk wondered in off the streets with crazy hair and dark shades an wrote the story down." On that night, Sista Otis was conceived but she just calls it, "Rock 'N Roll"

Joseph Hein

7:00 pm

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