Two nights with Jeff Crosby and the  Refugees with special guest the Real Life Rockaz opening friday.

Jeff Crosby and the Refugees

9:30 pm

 Silent Conversations deals with the bittersweet emotions of leaving home and family for the first time and finding new appreciation for what you left behind. Partly written as Jeff moved from small town Idaho to L.A. with the rest composed during a month-long trip to Columbia, the five songs reflect the change he was making in his life at the time and the clarity that comes from distance. The title track, "Silent Conversations," was written while standing in the doorway of a catholic church in Colombia during a torrential downpour. "This Old Town" is a reaction to coming home after moving to LA, how different everything looks and how the place shaped him. "Family, How Ya Been" is taken from letters Jeff was attempting to write home while staying in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. Jeff says, "I'm not very good at keeping in touch or writing home so naturally the letters turned into a song. I found the poem while moving my stuff to LA and started performing the tune at pubs and bars. People really reacted to it so I decided to record it for the EP."


Polly O'Keary Band

Polly O'Keary

9:30 pm

In 2013, O’Keary assembled her own trio, Polly O’Keary and the Rhythm Method, and in one short year, the band released the album “Compass” to rave reviews from all over the world and extensive international radio play, and began touring the nation. Here are a few of the things reviewers from around the world had to say about the album and the band’s live shows: 

Coral Thief

Coral Thief

9:30 pm

Out of Denver, Colorado, Coral Thief is a 5 piece original Reggae/Rock band. Driving rhythms and melodious guitar lines combined with smooth vocals give Coral Thief a unique sonic style. Their live show is upbeat, fun and energy filled and they are always looking to please a crowd and leave them wanting more.

Left Coast Country

Left Coast Country

9:30 pm

Left Coast Country is a northwest bluegrass and country band based in Portland, OR; who deliver both high-energy original compositions and an authentic take on traditional sounds stemming from Bill Monroe to Towns van Zandt. The live Left Coast Country experience encompasses a varied display of hard driving melodies coupled with five part harmonizing vocals that appeals to a wide ranging audience.

Lil Smokie's

Lil Smokies

3:09 am

Hailing from the utopian garden city of Missoula, MT, The Lil’ Smokies exploded onto the progressive bluegrass scene in the winter of 2009 and haven’t shown any signs of fatigue since. Sharing the stage with heavyweights like Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Keller Williams, Greensky Bluegrass, The Emmit-Nershi Band, Yonder Mountain String Band, The Travellin’ McCourys, Sam Bush Band, Fruition, Infamous Stringdusters, Bradford Lee Folk and The Bluegrass Playboys, and dozens of others, The Lil’ Smokies have no problem captivating large audiences. With a unique blend of traditional bluegrass, newgrass, unique original compositions, and sheer raw energy, The Lil’ Smokies weave seamlessly through genres, leaving something for everyone. The Smokies have played the Trap Bar at Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival (2011), the Bozeman Bluegrass Fest (2011), Sandpoint Summer Fest (2013), Wintergrass (2014), River City Roots Festival (2011, 2013, 2014), Northwest Folklife Festival (2014), the Northwest String Summit’s Further Stage and Main Stage (2013, 2014). Most recently, they were honored by the International Bluegrass Music Awards (IBMA 2014) with a nomination for the Momentum in Bluegrass Band Award. This six-piece bluegrass ensemble features, Pete Barrett (guitar), Andy Dunnigan (dobro), Scott Parker (upright bass), Matt Cornette (banjo), Cameron Wilson (mandolin), and Jesse Brown (Fiddle).

Down North

Down North

9:30 pm

Down North masterfully mixes underground rock and party-fueling soul,

regularly lifting up audiences that have been craving new soul sounds

from the city that gave the world Wheedle’s Groove and Jimi Hendrix.


Down North’s upcoming new line-up debut will still feature the bold

and sensual talents of lead vocalist/dancer Anthony “RenaGade”

Briscoe, whose North Carolina-bred approach to making fans swoon has

no equal in the Pacific NW scene. Raised on Michael Jackson and Sam

Cooke, Anthony is as stylish and emotional as Prince in his vocal

expressions. Co-leader Brandon Storms is an extremely versatile

bassist-guitarist who writes much of the music and taps into his love

for everything from Hendrix to James Jamerson in making tunes both

infectious and substantial.


The recent additions of Drum Off! award-winning and crowd-amping

player Conrad Real (drummer for Ayron Jones and The Way and Society’s

Child as well) and the neo-psychedelic trills of Jon Preece make the

band an unusual and extremely welcome addition to the regional music

scene. Depending on whim (and the size of the stage!), Down North

expands to a seven piece, integrating horns and other players to help

deliver their dazzling grooves.


They’ll probably also transcend to higher level of acclaim very soon;

early single “Danger” was played on MTV’s The Real World even before

this killer line-up was settled on. Newer meatier cuts like “So What,”

“Your World,” “Running,” and “Heartbreaker/Revolution” (which features

the Black Rock psyche-outs of guest legendary axeman Jabrille) reveal

the band moving in even edgier, sweatier musical realms.

Lyrics Born

Lyrics Born

9:30 pm

Lyrics Born has gone about the creation of his latest effort, As U Were, in a less-than-conventional manner. One defining characteristic of his sound thus far has been that it can be described as unequivocally fun, and this remains true of As U Were. However, LB does routinely peel back the gregarious exterior to reveal a contemplative everyman, and it’s times like this that his true artistry is apparent. “It’s at the point in my career where I’ve been through a lot, fun and not so fun. I think I’m dealing with a lot issues that are more mature than the last few albums, from abandonment to betrayal to incredible joy”. He voices these sentiments prominently on the lead single “Lies x 3”, a driving, heartfelt plead for truth. 

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